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Back and joint pain can be devastating. Your first thought will be to go to your doctor and chances are he or she will probably give you some medication without discovering the underlying source of your pain. At Care Chiropractic Center in Henderson, NC, our experts will provide comprehensive chiropractic care and treat your pain while uncovering the true source of your health problems. We treat a host of pain issues and injuries at our clinic.

Back and Joint Pain

Back pain can bring the strongest people to their knees. Back pain can result from something as simple as sleeping awkwardly to sitting for long periods, or it can be due to a severe injury such as a car accident or a bad fall. Our chiropractor uses adjustments that are customized to your specific needs to treat your back pain.

Sciatica, a nerve condition that can cause severe lower back pain, can be effectively treated with multiple sessions. Our chiropractor can also teach you new stretches so you can avoid back issues in the future. These adjustments and stretches can open up more space between your discs and joints so your body can naturally heal itself. Some of these adjustments can also relieve overall stress in your body, stop migraine headaches, and even improve your mental health.

Sports Injuries

Care Chiropractic Center can treat most sports injuries such as strained or pulled muscles and inflamed tissue and joints. Did you swing a golf club too hard or took a fastball to the knee? We can treat those injuries. With massage techniques as well as chiropractic adjustments, your sports injury can be relieved without the use of powerful drugs or invasive techniques such as surgery.


Acupuncture involves tiny needles that trigger the nerves in your body to react and help relieve you of multiple health issues. Some of those issues include back pain, body-wide inflammation, digestive issues, and headaches. Acupuncture is a painless treatment that has been used for thousands of years and is clinically proven to help with many health issues.

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