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Chiropractic Services at Our Henderson, NC, Clinic

Chiropractic Services at Our Henderson, NC, Clinic

If you've never looked into chiropractic care for treatment of an injury or disorder before, you may be in for a big surprise. Chiropractic care goes way beyond the treatment of such obvious issues as whiplash or low back pain. This versatile treatment modality can treat a wide range of conditions because of its ability to correct underlying problems that can affect comfort and function in any part of the body. Here at Care Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center, we're proud to offer chiropractic services as well as supportive therapies to patients of all ages in Henderson, NC.

Basic Principles of Chiropractic Care

Your body depends on complex interactions between organ systems, muscles, nerves, and joints for its everyday health and wellness. Unfortunately, your joints are vulnerable to a problem known as subluxation. This subtle form of dislocation causes the joint components to fall slightly out of alignment, affecting their ability to move smoothly and painlessly. Alignment errors can also affect your overall musculoskeletal system, throwing your body off balance. These imbalances can cause chronic strain, discomfort, and worst of all, nerve dysfunction. Misaligned structures that the pinch on nerve tissue disrupt communications throughout the body, leading to everything from pain, tingling, and numbness to impaired organ and immune system function. That's where chiropractic care comes to the rescue.

Chiropractic adjustment is a manual, and sometimes instrument-assisted, technique for manipulating joints back into their proper alignment. This non-surgical method can correct painful problems sustained in an accident or through years of accumulated imbalances. Its ability to relieve nerve compression can free you of neurological symptoms. In fact, the very first chiropractic adjustment, in 1895, corrected a hearing disorder by restoring nerve function in the neck. By optimizing your nerve function, our chiropractor can boost every aspect of your wellness, making chiropractic care a valuable form of preventative medicine.

Personalized Treatment Programs from Our Chiropractor

Of course, no two musculoskeletal systems are identical, nor do they encounter the same challenges from day to day. That's why our Henderson, NC, chiropractor, Dr. Myers, treats each and every patient as an individual case. Based on what we discover in our examinations, we may prescribe different types of adjustments to address the underlying causes of your complaints. We may also prescribe acupuncture, which makes a natural complement to chiropractic care for its ability to ease pain and improve nerve signaling without drugs.

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