Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Henderson, NC

Seeing Your Chiropractor Can Be Crucial after an Auto Accident Injury

Have you been in pain since an auto accident injury? Do you have pains that you aren't really sure are due to an auto accident injury? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you need to see your chiropractor in Henderson NC, Dr. Dennis Myers at Care Chiropractic Center in Henderson, NC.


An auto accident injury can knock your nervous system and muscles out of alignment.

In an auto accident injury, the impact of the crash, even a fender bender at 2 miles an hour, can have profound effects on your spine and muscles.

The effects of an auto accident injury usually are not felt right away. In fact, most of the time, people involved in a car crash can walk away from the scene of the accident. If you wear a seatbelt, and you have an airbag, there is a relatively low probability that you will have any noticeable spinal problems right away.

That's because the body's inflammatory processes designed to remove microscopic areas of damaged tissue are slow. It can take weeks or months for swelling in your muscles to pull at the vertebrae of your spine. It can take years of changes in your posture that you adopt to deal with spinal misalignment to cause the problems that eventually bring you in to see your chiropractor.

It's always better to see your chiropractor sooner rather than later after an auto accident injury.

The sooner you see your chiropractor after you sustain an auto accident injury, the sooner your chiropractor can help you get back on the road to pain-free wellness. Don't suffer pain for months or years without effective treatment. Don't let yourself become addicted to painkillers, and don't give up your favorite activities because of untreated pain.

Chiropractic treatment for your auto accident injury may be covered by your car insurance.

One of the tasks of chiropractic diagnosis is documenting injuries that are caused in car crashes. When you have an injury caused by a car crash, your auto insurance policy or another liable party's auto insurance policy may pay for your treatment. The good news about auto insurance coverage for chiropractic care is that there are usually low deductibles or no deductibles at all, unlike your health insurance coverage, that usually has high deductibles and copays.

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