Conditions Treated in Henderson , NC

Conditions Treated by Our Henderson Chiropractic Team

Dr. Myers and the rest of our Henderson chiropractic staff are honored to help our community discover natural pain relief. Through chiropractic care services such as adjustments, acupuncture, digital X-ray imaging, and physical rehabilitation, we can help you or your loved one learn the root cause of dysfunction and get longer lasting relief from a wide range of conditions. 

Back Pain and Neck Pain

Statistics indicate that 8 out of 10 people reading this will have back pain at least one point in their life. Chiropractic care has long been recognized as one of the most effective natural treatments for both back and neck pain, which often come about due to poor posture, stress, excessive sedentary behavior, and poor ergonomics. Specific conditions we manage include vertebral subluxation/misalignment, disc bulge or herniation, osteoarthritis, and stenosis.


The largest nerves in your body are the right and left sciatic nerves, which branch off from the spinal cord in the lower back. If something compresses a sciatic nerve root, sciatica symptoms can develop, including buttocks and leg pain, numbness, weakness, and tingling. Alleviating the compression and healing the irritated nerve is the focus of care, in addition to relieving symptoms.

We also treat other nerve compression syndromes, including carpal tunnel syndrome.


During an auto accident or fall, the neck often flexes forward and backward forcefully. This can strain the tissues in the neck and lead to a syndrome called whiplash. Whiplash usually shows up within 24-48 hours after the initial trauma, but symptoms, including neck pain and stiffness, jaw pain, ringing in the ears, and arm numbness and tingling, can persist chronically if the condition is left untreated.

Headaches and Migraine

Migraines are believed to be rooted in neurological dysfunction. Meanwhile, headaches are often brought on by poor posture and stress. By optimizing your spinal health, our chiropractor in Henderson, NC, reduces both the frequency and severity of your headaches.

Sports Injury, Work Injury, Personal Injury

Whether you’re at work, at the gym, on the sports field, or simply out and about in the community, something can happen that leads to an acute or chronic injury. Dr. Myers and the rest of the team can evaluate and treat these injuries, which may include muscle strains, ligament sprains, tendonitis and other types of tissue inflammation, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and spine and extremity joint dislocations.

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