Acute Pain

Chiropractors Can Help Treat Acute Pain

Chiropractic care can offer relief for both chronic and acute pain. When an injury first occurs, the pain and inflammation can be extremely uncomfortable. Your chiropractor won't just treat your symptoms and make them go away. Your chiropractor will get to the root of your problem and make sure that it is corrected and treated appropriately. The sooner the acute pain is addressed, the better you will feel, and the faster your recovery will be.


Treating Injuries as Soon as They Happen

Treating an injury as soon as it occurs prevents ensures that the body begins to heal correctly. It also reduces the amount of scar tissue that forms as the injury begins to heal. Whether you are dealing with a broken bone or a pulled muscle, immediate attention is the best way to take control of acute pain. By stabilizing an injury as soon as it occurs, it encourages the body to return to its normal state much quicker, relieving pain and minimizing the amount of inflammation. Once this occurs, healing begins.

The Difference Between Acute and Chronic Pain

Acute and chronic pain are two different things and must each be treated in a specific manner. Chronic pain is long-term and often represents itself as a dull and agonizing ache. In most cases, chronic pain is due to an old injury or a chronic illness that progressively worsens over time. Acute pain, on the other hand, can be a piercing, throbbing pain that will eventually go away as the injury begins to heal or has been stabilized and held in place. Acute pain is often at its worst immediately after the injury and sometimes while the injury is being treated. As the area starts to heal, the pain will gradually dissipate. If not allowed to fully heal, scar tissue may form and chronic pain will become a recurring problem. 

Meet Our Henderson, VA, Chiropractor at Care Chiropractic and Acupuncture

When you are looking for a chiropractor near Henderson, VA, to treat your acute pain, you want a chiropractor who is passionate about caring for his patients. At Care Chiropractic and Acupuncture, Dr. Dennis Myers takes your pain seriously. It is his priority to find the reason for your discomfort and then take the necessary steps to provide you with a treatment plan that works best for your situation. If you have received an injury or are having issues with acute pain of any kind, call Care Chiropractic and Acupuncture to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience!